I know the late 80s edition covers for the Song of the Lioness Quartet were kind of corny and Ren Faire intense, but there’s a vitality to these renditions of Alanna that I prefer to the other softer, more cartoony/anime flavored covers I’ve seen whose Alannas seem to be static or moody (or those terrible goth/emo covers don’t even get me started!)

Cheesy though they might look now and despite the awful taglines, at the time and now, I like the movement and somewhat realistic portraits captured on the cover art. As a 12 year old they really held my attention and I could fall into a reverie imagining the action. I didn’t even notice the taglines because Alanna looked so awesome and I knew the story anyways. I also like how Alanna’s physical appearance matures from cover to cover, and I especially love how she always looks like she’s kicking ass and taking numbers.

Anyways, these are the covers of the editions around the time I first read them- early 90s- so they’re fixed in my head as the way Alanna should be shown. But everybody has their own way of remembering the things they love, petite madeleine :)